Benefits of a Monitored Security System for Your Home

What would you do if you are away on holidays and your home alarm gets activated? If you are like most people, your alarm may not be monitored, you'd be relying on the neighbours to ring, and then the panic of what to do next would surely come.

We spend our lifetime to building our lifestyle. When it comes to security however, we often tend to cut a few corners. Pick up some cameras on ebay, maybe even a DIY Alarm, why compromise the integrity of business like mine, that specialises in protecting assets through out Australia.

It’s not just monetary goods that needs to be kept safe. Securing our loved ones is paramount to all walks of life.

Having the right security system installed is the first step in protecting the most important things to you. Knowing that most alarm activation's that occur go unnoticed, a duely licensed industry endorsed monitoring platform is the inevitably the next step for total asset protection.

So what benefits can a professionally monitored home alarm system provide.

No alarm goes unactioned: With professionally monitored home alarm systems, we setup a monitoring response service based on your needs. Worry no more about your alarm system alarming and if the neighbours will do anything (if they are even home). Whether you are home or away, our control room is always on point responding to all alarm activation's.

Security 24/7, 365 days a year – Being a compliant industry approved A1 (highest grade) monitoring centre and a true multi operator 24/7 service provision team, you don’t even need to have neighbours with our monitoring centre watching your home.

Lowers the insurance – Do you know you can lower your insurance premiums with professionally monitored alarm systems installed? Yes, you heard that right. Insurance companies often offer significant discounts to the homeowners with a professionally installed and monitored security systems.

Peace of mind – Monitored alarm systems offer peace of mind, ultimately you are able to relax whether home or away and know that someone is monitoring your safety and protection.

B2K Alarms has a 24/7 ASIAL certified Grade A1 monitoring centre, staffed by licensed security professionals working for you from the moment alarm is raised providing you peace of mind.

Call 1300 300 488 or visit for more details.

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