Home Security Patrols - An Added Security

What will you do if you are out on a holiday and you receive an alert on your phone that your home alarm has been triggered? Do you ignore the alarm hoping it is a false alarm? Sadly, this event could impact your peace of mind and your ability holiday take away all your peace and would ruin the holiday.

Don’t Panic, you can secure your home and enjoy your holiday in peace by authorising our back to base monitoring centre to send a patrol car to investigate alarm events in your home.

So, what can a patrol car do while you are enjoying your holidays?

  • If the alarm triggers while you are away, your back to base monitoring centre will be notified and they can send a patrol car directly to your home.

  • If the patrol car finds a break-in has occurred at your place, they can call the police immediately on your behalf.

  • Sometimes burglars deliberately set off home alarm systems and wait nearby to check what (if any) response will take place. If there is poor or no response, the burglar may be encouraged to continue break in knowing that they have enough time to rob your home and make a getaway.

  • Patrol cars can also be called up as the backup resource to support you while you are out on business trip or personal trip. For instance, the alarm goes off while you are out, a patrol car can be called out to check if there is any emergency on your behalf.

  • While the needs and risk levels vary individually, knowing a patrol car is available for you 24x7 will surely alleviate the worry about security of your home.

Authorising B2K Alarms to send the patrol cars can be very relieving and can provide you the peace of mind while being away. Patrol cars are only sent on your instructions and in the event of alarm system being triggered. While patrol cars are available 24x7, B2K Alarms provides you with various alarm response actions to choose from. Accordingly, when the alarm is triggered, we will notify your nominated contacts and if required will take further actions.

If you travel frequently, or are planning an extended holiday and worried about your home, B2K Alarms is just a phone call away. Call 1300 300 488 now!

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